Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pumkin Tradition

Yesterday I turned one of these into this.
Such a lovely way to enjoy the pumpkin harvest. ;-)

(this was such a nice variety of pumpkin to grow - almost all flesh and seed but hardly any stringy bits)
Two and half years ago I came across this recipe and a new tradition was born - make pumpkin cinnamon buns out of one of our pumpkins.  This, for me, is what I love about tradition - they don't actually have to have been done for ages.   They are easy to start at any time - you simply find something you love...and then you continue to do it  regularly (although make no mistake - we don't limit these to only harvest time!).
(with cream cheese icing made from cream cheese and a touch of honey)
And what's not to love about pumpkin cinnamon buns!  We have giant  pumpkins from the garden again this year but we've decided not to cook them all up this year, rather to use all our smaller ones instead but I did get a good laugh remembering the year I did cook the giant ones.
Several more pumpkin recipes to work our way through (some on the sidebar) and always happy to hear any of your favourites. ;-)


Alison said...

Yum, they look amazing! My pumpkin (yes one and only pumpkin) is the size of a small orange so is for decoration only! I have some pumpkin puree in the freezer through so I might have to try this recipe!

donna!ee said...

OMH! this looks & sounds delicious. i grew kershaw, which is very similar to pumpkin, this year so i'll give that a try. thank you much for sharing :)

SG said...

I just looked at your giant pumpkin post - they are HUGE! So funny seeing that wedge in the sink.

The Finicky Farmer said...

Heather, many thanks for sharing this tradition and recipe! I know what I'll be making on Saturday... :)

daisy g said...

It looks scrumptious! What kind of pumpkin was it that you were so happy with?

Brenda @ Its A Beautiful Life said...

I can see why you'd want these as a new tradition every pumpkin season (and beyond)..... they look marvelous!

This is my first time visit. Saw your link to Katherine at Sew Me Something Beautiful.

Glad I stopped by.

Ellen said...

How delicious and a good use for those pumpkins. And timely too. I have many sugar pumpkins that I used for table decor - this would be a great recipe for them. Thank you.

Pomona said...

I love toasted pumpkin seeds - the recipe is on my blog about a week ago - one of the best things about pumpkin season! The buns look very tasty too.

Pomona x

cathy@home said...

I will have to have a go at growing pumpkins next year.

Heather said...

Hi Daisy,

I'm pretty sure this one was a small sugar pumpkin. There were a couple varieties of small pumpkins but this is the name that sticks with me.

Hope that helps.

Nicole said...

Those look fantastic. I agree with your thoughts on traditions, too. Growing up we didnt have very many in my home so Im going out of my way to try to select a precious few that will mean a lot to our family now. thanks for sharing one of our (and the gorgeous photos as always :) ).