Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What I Love About Right Now

Sunrises...that I don't have to get up super early to witness.

Pumpkin bars. here if you'd like to see them...apparently these don't always last long enough in our home to have their photo taken.
Saving seeds from E's heirloom carrots - did I mention how good it feels to me to save seeds?
Burdock root and tincture.
(some dried, some frozen and some tinctured)
Scalloped potatoes made with our homegrown Kennebecs.
Rubber boots!
Rides in my car with bags of leaves for mulch! (sorry boys, no room...I'm taking the leaves to the garden)
Also loving having the floor of my laundry room back after months of stepping over flats of ripening tomatoes.  I'm down to two flats now and have put them on top of my freezer so that we could have the floor back.  And grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches made with the last of our German Stripe tomatoes.  Delicious!


The Finicky Farmer said...

What a joyful, gorgeous post! Thank you, Heather.

Brenda @ Its A Beautiful Life said...

Lovely to hear from you Heather... and to have another chance to visit and see what you're up to!

Your scalloped potatoes look yum yum, not to mention that amazing looking tomato and grilled cheese!

I know what I want to lunch now!

Pomona said...

We have just harvested the very last of our tomatoes from the polytunnel - which is pretty good going for November. Your potatoes look really delicious - and what do you use burdock for?

Pomona x

sheila said...

I was just thinking the same thing! All my best sunrise photos are all from Novembers. Funny, that.

Still have tomatoes scattered around the dining room!

Folekis: (n) Archaic British term used for the meeting of lips between very good friends in the fall.

AMOffenwanger said...

Yet another brighten-your-day I-love-life post. Thank you for the cheer! :)

cathy@home said...

I also know what i want for my lunch .
Great post My favorite drink was Dandilion and Burdock.

daisy g said...

Okay, you're making me hungry and it's not even 6 a.m.!
You are living an abundant life!

erin said...

and i dearly love that you made this list, which was just the shovel i needed, to dig a little further out of blue-dom today :)

you and your list make me feel happiness.

thank you!

Katherine said...

Gorgeous sunrise!
So smart to be saving seeds - I remember how yummy those carrots tasted when we visited last summer. MMMMmmmm good.

Okay, so what's up with the burdock root? What will you be using it for?

Oh, man, my mouth is watering. That tomato and grilled cheese sandwhich looks heavenly. Never had a German Stripe tomato - are they high or low acid?

Nicole said...

Hi Heather,

Ive been absent from blogging for a while but wanted to say I love catching up with you here and just love this post- I revel in the joys of autumn, too. And winter with all its glories are right around the bend, too. Thanks for sharing!

LindaSue said...

Been reading a little of your blog. Just gotta say you must be doing something right to be able to grow what you do and living in Canada too! Keep writing and by the way, the recipes look great . I just put up some fresh cheese pumpkin, was told that they were great for pies. So I am going to try the pumpkin cinnamon rolls soon. Thanks

Unknown said...

OH, look at that tomato sandwich! I just made a grilled tomato sandwich for my Son the other night and he loves them.

Heather said...

Hi Pomona and Katherine,

Burdock is great for many things. I am using it mostly as a liver and kidney cleanser. I love all the information about Burdock that Susun Weed has in her book Healing Wise. If you'd like to know a little bit about Burdock's properties you can read a bit here.

Hope that helps. :-)

LindaSue said...

Ok I have to write again. Been reading all the old posts and you keep talking about nettle. Several years ago we were living in Central Florida and I was getting ready to plant some bushes. Now you have to know I grew up on the south side of Chicago. Never heard of nettle before. So anyway, to make a long story short, I was pulling up some weeks bare handed and grabbed a chunk of stinging nettle. Oh Lordy, it burned so bad for so long. Had to look it up on the internet to figure out what I had done. It really hurt. Now, I have to say, at that time I thought if I never saw that stuff again I would be just fine. Here I am reading you eat it, make salve with it, cook with it. I don't understand. Please help me to understand.

LindaSue said...

OK just read some info on your beloved nettle, from Wiki of course. Understand a little more now. Very interesting read.

Heather said...

Hi LindaSue,

My favourite source of information on nettle is Susun Weed's book Healing Wise. It has loads of information about nettle as well as many ways to use this wonderful plant. If you google nettle and Susun Weed you should find lots of info online as well. Hope that helps. I'm so grateful I learned about nettle when I did and always want others to learn more about its uses too.