Friday, October 28, 2011

Garlic Planted. Hurrah!

One of the tricky bits of being a maniacal gardener is the tendency to over-do it.  I love gardening and so I tend not to notice when I am overdoing until...oooh about mid September each year when a small part of me starts hoping for frost.  This year was no different than any other year and so, with a big sigh of relief and much pleasure, I am happy to say that the garlic is planted and all my garden have-to chores are done for now.  Hurrah, indeed.
(making beds)
This gorgeous garlic was grown by friends and, knowing how delicious it is, it was somehow difficult to be  plunking these huge cloves into the ground instead of eating them.
(clove spaced 6 inches apart in rows that are 8 inches apart)

W was visiting these same friends while they were planting their garlic and came home with a helpful way of planting.  He made me up these PVC guidelines from some spare pipe.  They came in very handy.
We planted the remainder of the garlic on Sunday, gave it a sprinkle of soybean meal and now we just need to mulch it before it gets too cold.  Feels good to have it done.
And, it even looks beautiful.  Well, to me anyway.  You can see on the other side of the garden the plots where the fall rye has yet to sprout.  And you can also see some of the potato bins which have been pressed into use as compost bins.  Compost bins which would very much like some more manure added to them, I might add. make time to go and get manure and turn the composts.  What?  I didn't say the garden want-to chores were done, just the have-to chores...


Alison said...

Wow, your garden is huge, and so neat and tidy...! We are moving to a place with more land and this makes me excited for what I might be able to grow, doubt it will look as good as this though!


donna!ee said...

good goobily heather, you've really got that tasty, HEALTHY garden stuff goin' on!! blest be :)

Katherine said...

Holy smokes! You really planted up a whack of garlic, girl. Fantastic!

daisy g said...

A gal can never have too much garlic! Looks great!

Unknown said...

What a beautiful garden and such yummy garlic. I really miss having gardens. But I have my pots to fuss at. But I am looking to be adopted by someone who has a garden and will let me work for food...Any Takers.

cargillwitch said...

your gardens are so well organized and tidy! I must admit some envy. I too would have been tempted to keep those huge garlic cloves to eat- gardeners have to have faith that one in the ground this year will result in five in the hand next!
Here's to frost, gardens put to rest and a season to recover from this year and dream of the next.

The Finicky Farmer said...

Goodness, those are some might beautiful pictures of your garlic beds. Happy growing, Heather!