Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I've made this concoction twice for lunches this week.  I have been keeping a bucket of raw zucchini already sliced into "noodles" in my fridge so I have it on hand ready to go.  I put a couple large handfuls  into a cast iron skillet with some oil and garlic and sauteed it for a bit until the zucchini was just tender.  Then I added some cherry tomatoes sliced in half, some raw corn I cut off the cob and a large spoonful of pesto and let this cook for a minute or two.  I added a squirt of Bragg's and some pepper and that was it.  Really simple and delicious.
Now if I could only think of something more appealing to call it than hash. 


affectioknit said...

That just looks so fresh and good!

The Knitty Gritty Homestead said...

Heehee! I find naming concoctions with a french flair makes them SOUND more appealing...How about "Melange du courgette"? haha! Or Zucchini Ratatouille. I posted about zucchinis today too...might try your idea of lunch! Wonder if I can fool my picky eater into thinking it's pasta (she won't even eat the veg-coloured pasta so I may have to peel it...)

Debbie said...

Looks delicious!

Katherine said...

Looks delicious.

Goodness, you must be setting zucchini growing records this year. Love the look of those zuke noodles - more fun than just grated.

Anonymous said...

Looks fantastic. How about..."zucchini vegetable toss." Either way...I love vegetable hashes and so I will definitely be trying this...soon. -Debbie

Hullabaloo Homestead said...

I will totally have to give this a try. We have zucchini coming out our ears, but most likely anyone who planted it does as well. I have been baking lots of zucchini bread.


Laura Argelati said...

Hi...I'm Laura from Italy! Lovely blog!
I will link you on my blog and I'd like to invite you to visite also my blog :D

Laura from Italy

farzana said...

My First time commenting.
I am a Muslim Female living in South Africa.

I have been avid reader of your blog since you moved from "Four Friends."
I Love the Wonderful Life Style choices you make for Yourself and Family.

How about Zoo Noodles?

Heather said...

Fun to hear your different ideas. "Melange du courgette" does make it sound very sophisticated. ;-)

Farzana - Hello, so glad you took the time to comment and thank you for your compliment. I appreciate it. It is good to hear from you. I love Zoo Noodles - sounds so fun...and frankly, sometimes it is rather like a zoo around here. ;-)

I was thinking it was sort of like a succotash so I might call it Sufferin' Succotash (as per Sylvester the Cat) or maybe Not So Sufferin' Succotash. ;-)