Thursday, August 6, 2009

I love tomatoes!!

A few of our cherry tomatoes have been ripening up here so I figured it was high time we went to visit our "town" tomatoes. We consider ourselves blessed to have been offered some tomato growing space in town this year by some generous gardeners - read: people who know me took pity on me thinking that I might have to go a year without gardening and thought it would be better to give me some space than to watch me mope around. ;-) Seriously though, I do think gardeners are extraordinarily generous people who deeply understand abundance and I sometimes wonder if the world wouldn't be a very different place if politicians were (or at least thought like) gardeners.

I ended up planting 16 tomato plants up here and 25 in town. We did a bit of weeding yesterday and picked our first two Silvery Fir Tree tomatoes of the year. These were from the seedlings E and I grew from our saved seeds from last year's heirloom plants.
Since we had fresh tomatoes, fresh basil and fresh mozzarella we figured we might as well have pizza for dinner. We used our favourite dough recipe and then topped it with pesto, fresh tomatoes, mushrooms, zucchini, artichokes, garlic scapes, fresh mozzarella and a bit of asiago. Then we sprinkled some fresh oregano flowers on top. So good!
Since we had to go to town to tend our tomatoes we did the rest of our errands too. Since this is our first year without our own peach tree we had to find some local peaches. These ones we are just enjoying as is because they are our first of the season and so perfectly ripe. Once we've had our fill we'll start making them into all sorts of good stuff.The generous gardeners who took pity on me also gave us some of their delicious corn. (they are very generous with their corn and have helped to fill our freezer in the past years) And we picked up a few other local fruits too. I am so grateful to be surrounded by such an abundance of fresh, good produce. We also squeezed in a quick stop at our favourite thrift store in town to look for clothes for a growing teen. He didn't find anything but I sure did.A fun floral vintage sheet destined for our patio table, I thought it would make a cheerful tablecloth.


ipsa said...

Oh, yummy! My stomach is grumbling - your pictures made me hungry! (Guess it is the right time of day.)

I'm going out to pick tomatoes. You've inspired me.


Mary-Sue said...

Wow! Fantastic! You have the greenest tomato thumb of anyone I've ever met. Love the corn pic! and the sheet will be just perfect. Yum!

Jacqueline said...

that pizza looks amazing! and i love the sheet - so cheerful - a perfect table cloth!