Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Silvery Fir Tree tomato

I got the seeds for this tomato from two garden goddesses that I know. It is an heirloom variety we all read about in Barbara Kingsolver's book Animal, Vegetable, Miracle.

You can see it here pictured above a regular foliage tomato; it's quite beautiful, I think.

Now, I wonder how the tomatoes will taste.


Mary-Sue said...

what, it has to TASTE good too? beauty isn't enough? he he
I'm LOVING working with mine. I love that I can spot them before I even read the marker. Yours are looking great!!

Anonymous said...

ohh, lovely silvery fir! i picked up some sophie's choice and some brandywine heirloom seeds this year. can't remember if i read about those in AVM or in This Organic Life, it was one of them. anyway, i can't wait until they're big beautiful plants in the garden! lovely post as always.

Heather said...

Krista - have you seen the Sun and Moon watermelon? E and I are just gushing over it lately and now I want everyone to know about it. It looks so fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Good for people to know.