Thursday, July 31, 2008

Silvery Fir I love thee

The other day I had a peek at my Silvery Fir tomatoes and noticed that a few of them were almost ripe. They are looking gorgeous today and so we will sample two of them at dinner. To me, it really seems like summer and garden season once the tomatoes start to ripen. I love having tomatoes at lunch and dinner (and snacktime) every day.It seems to me that these plants have a large amount of tomatoes on them for their size, so often tomato plants get so huge and then end up with not a lot of tomatoes, but these seem very productive.Our apricot tree didn't do too well this year, it was in full beautiful blossom when we got some unseasonably cold weather here. The blossoms were not happy and we ended up with only a little fruit. These have been split and put in the freezer to use sparingly in smoothies, using just one in each smoothie gives it a nice, creamy sort of texture.
Cukes are ready too so there will be lots of Greek salad on the go.And my first patty pan squash is finally ready too.


Anonymous said...

I recall reading about those tomatoes in AVM last winter... nice to see someone growing them! And we grew those zucchini (at the bottom) last year, they are fun to grow and to eat! Just popping in to say hello :)

this is my patch said...

Lots happening on your plot, my tomatoes are just starting to ripen now, and I am awaiting my first pattypan, one of my favourite veg. I love apricots too, I would very much like a steady supply of these. x