Saturday, August 9, 2008

A week away

The only downside that I can see to gardening is that so much of it goes on in the summer. I know, I know....duh! But this can be a problem for a person who likes to go away a lot in the summertime. The boys and I got home yesterday from just a week away and E called me to come look. His hands were full of his Brown Berry cherry tomatoes. (he loves them and already plans to save the seeds)I joined him in the garden and he showed me all the things that were ready for harvest. We started picking the zucchini, looked at the cucumber plants and then realized we would need a big basket to hold them all. While I was picking poles beans E was talking about what we would make with all this produce. What I love is that he said, "When the baskets are filled with all our treats..."I love that he thinks that beans, zucchini, tomatoes and cucumbers are "treats". I think just that alone makes for a very good reason for children to have a garden...because home-grown veggies really are a treat.
I could seriously use some new zucchini recipes though.


Anonymous said...

I completely agree re: kids and gardens. The stuff that my kids would never have looked at twice in the produce department at Save Mart is an absolute wonder and, yes, *treat*, when it's something they've helped to grow.

re: squash: I just recently found a new squash casserole recipe, and blogged it... I think it's here.

Thanks for a wonderful and inspiring blog. :)

denise said...

WOW. Everything looks so awesome. My tomatoes are not red yet, but soon (just need some hot sunny days!). That is a lot of zucchini! :)

I love seeing your garden photos - always so lovely!

this is my patch said...

What a great harvest. There are some recipes for courgette cake on the net. x