Monday, April 11, 2011

Finding Treasures

One silver lining of moving into a new place is finding treasure tucked away in gardens that were planted by someone else at long time ago.  This home has a yard that tells me this was once a well-loved home with a well-loved yard.  We've been finding all sorts of treasures in the flower beds and I know there are many more hidden treasures that haven't started to come up yet. 

One of the first things we found (besides crocus) was a huge planting of forsythia so I couldn't resist bringing in a jar full of branches to force an early bloom -such a cheery plant to bring indoors.  Then we found hellebores, what a beautiful bloom these have.
Then my nose led me to this gorgeous plant, Rose Daphne, and I've since found several more - two yesterday that are tucked under huge evergreens and in desperate need of transplanting to somewhere they won't be covered in needles and will get some light.  They have the most delicious scent of anything I've smelled and rank right up there with plumeria, old roses and lilacs as personal favourites.
We've also found loads of Prairie Crocus (in a deeper purple than the ones I had in our old garden), Grape Hyacinth, tulips (E is thrilled - he missed the tulips at our old home so much) and yesterday I also spied tiny buds of hyacinth coming up in one bed.
Lovely!  And now, although I can tell what to expect in many of the beds due to the leaves and stalks left from last year, I can't wait to see what else we come across that is still hidden from view beneath the soil.


Erin said...

What a treasure trove you've found! I think it is not luck, but you were just simply aligned with some magical gardening goodness when this place chose you:)

About the daphne, you might want to check out a reliable resource for transplanting tips...I've heard they 'can be' finicky about being moved and about being pruned. But I've never had one, so I don't know from persoanl experience.

I love the prairie crocuses too. We used to have maroon ones and purple ones. I miss them. So many plant wishes, so few $$$ :)

It would be neat to learn more about the previous gardeners who loved the land there, it must be a great feeling to know you are caring for their precious plants.

daisy g said...

Someone there liked purples and blues, eh? Enjoy your treasure hunting!

Katherine said...

How wonderful! I know you will make the most of these garden treasures, Heather. Keep enjoying the surprise and magic of those gardening gifts. ;o)

Elizabeth said...

Nice discoveries and may there be more to come!
When we moved into our current house it was in December, so in the spring I had the similar experience of discovering the plant life.
i love the hellebore.

Unknown said...

Such treasures...such fun to see what will pop up next!

4kids, 2 guinea pigs, 1 happy family said...

Hi, I love your post, it really sums up how I feel about my garden. We moved in to our house about 7 months ago, the garden is about 0.2 acres, and it's filled with amazing flowers and plants. We've had snowdrops, crocuses, cyclamen, tulips, and loads of others that I'm still trying to learn the names of! Every season is new and exciting and I think wow what amazing people lived in my house to create such a wonderful garden. It's sad they could no longer look after it, but hope I will do it justice.

Great to find someone who feels the same about their new garden as we do!
Enjoy your Spring flowers.