Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Counting My Blessings

I am a big fan of "counting your blessings" although I admit that that saying used to annoy me.  Perhaps it was because older relatives would say it to me when I was a teen and wanting to complain about something.  These days I take it quite literally and I actually do count my blessings.  I write them in a gratitude journal, I say them to myself each day, I give thanks out loud for particularly wonderful or touching blessings and sometimes...sometimes I take photos of them but always I am aware of the multitude of blessings in my life.  Friday afternoon the boys and I took a break from working to do something we'd been looking forward to since we knew we were moving here...actually something I've been looking forward to doing for many years.  This move brings us back quite close to our old neighbourhood and that means we are back near our old bakery and little neighbourhood grocer but now I'm actually close enough to bike to it.  Hurrah!  So Friday afternoon the boys and I donned our helmets, got out our bikes and E timed us to see how long it would take to get there.  Five minutes.  Five minutes to delicious fresh made bread.  Definitely a blessing!
I was so tickled to be able to get my bread (without even a plastic bag) and tuck it into my basket to bike home.  E made us mushroom soup again and when S got home we happily had our fresh rye bread with soup.  S asked me if I was tickled pink to have been able to ride to the bakery and, as I happily nodded my head, W answered (in his dry way), "Yes, she even made me take a picture".  I really did and now I can share it with you. ;-)


Unknown said...

Lovely, wonderful, simple pleasures xx

Vickie LeBlanc said...

Simple abundance, it's all around us. That picture is reminding me to take out my beloved Ruby so I can get her all clean and polished for biking season. Mmmmm, fresh bread and soup.

Katherine said...

Yay! I can picture your delight, Heather. Looks like you have lots to enjoy in your new neighbourhood. It's only 5min to the bakery on bikes... how long to pedal to the lake?

daisy g said...

Wow. A five minute ride to the bakery for good bread? That could be dangerous in this house!

I'm so happy for you.

I used to keep a gratitude journal. Now it's an intention journal. I try to focus on the gratitude throughout the day and focus on the intention first thing in the morning...Peace!

Bittersweet Lady said...

Mmmm, 5 minutes to a bakery sounds heavenly. The bike ride makes it guilt free, right? Your neighborhood looks wonderful.

Erin said...

You sound so happy to be back to some of the things you missed...I'd love a 5 minute trip to buy local food. To bike ride would be further for me but i may attempt it with the boys this summer. The road we need to use is tricky, due to traffic and a narrow shoulder, though.

You wrote about such a great reminder...a gratitude practise like a journal. I'venever kept one before. YThis may sound silly; do you just write out a list of things, or do you write more withing it? Just curious...

I mentally and verbally express gratitude, but as a practise I don't-yet!


Unknown said...

What a blessing...biking to the bakery. And such a lovely loaf it is.

softearthart said...

Just lovely, cheers Marie

Heather said...

Hi Erin,
I have a few journals but my main one I have had for about 15 years (after reading Simple Abundance) and I just occasionally write small (usually dated) gratitude lists in it (which is why it has been able to last so long without getting filled up). I also use it for writing my favourite quotes or things I read that I really want to remember (love doing this!).

I actually love this one because I can go back and read some of the lists from when W was a babe (when I was SO grateful for a bit of sleep or a walk to the park with him). It is such a lovely memory trip for me. I also enjoy seeing the quotes that resonated with me at certain times. But, like you, I do the majority of my gratitude mentally and verbally (and I suppose we both sort of journal our blessings on our blogs, don't we).
My lists are very simple and may just say:
Quiet time with the boys
S home early (a rare treat)
A hot bath before bed.
Tea time with friends
Lilacs are blooming!

Or something similar. One things I notice is that they are always truly simple pleasures. I hope you will try it.