Friday, April 8, 2011

Thrifty Thursday...a Day Late

This move brings us back to our old neighbourhood so we were happy to return to our old home branch of this library system and see our favourite librarian again.  We're also back by our old favourite thrift store and so we thought we'd better stop off and see what they had.  I was happy to find two very fun handmade aprons.  This one I LOVE because of the pocket on the front, the whole flowered part is just one big pocket - perfect for clothespins, seed packets or all sorts of other things.
Plus I love the little ric-rac trim detail on the pocket edges.
And this one I love because it is reversible.
How fun!
I also found some lovely linen napkins in a very cherry spring colour that I couldn't resist at 4 for 25 cents!
We put them to use that night when E made us some Hungarian Mushroom soup for dinner.  It was beyond delicious!
There is just so much to love about thrifting - the unique treasures we find, not consuming more brand new goods, no packaging and very inexpensive.  I always especially love finding someone else's handmade things and enjoy giving them a loving home where they will be used and loved.


affectioknit said...

Those aprons are adorable...and the soup looks delicious! Happy Spring!

Erin said...

yes, yes, yes to all that thrifting means! I've not shared much about this on my blog...maybe i shall!

I've loved the history too that I can share with the boys who interestingly love to accompany me on thrift adventures...the latest curious and funny thing they've leaned about were the old sets of electric rollers on the stand that heat up before use. Do you know the kind? They were fascinated with these! They thought it was particularly comical that I had one, long ago, lol.

I love your view, it was hard to concentrate on the aprons ;)

Anonymous said...

I love thrifting! That's actually what I was busy doing this morning :)

And the mushroom soup looks so delicious! I haven't had mushroom soup since I was a kid (and ours came in a white and red can ;), but now that I'm older and love fresh whole foods, maybe it's time I try my hand at making my own from scratch. Thanks for the inspiration!

daisy g said...

Those napkins are gorgeous! And the price can't be beat!

I am currently looking for farm-style dresses for everyday and work. It would be great to learn to make them. I wish we had more quality thrift stores around here...

Merryweather said...

Those are so sweet, great find!

cmarie said...

The aprons are charming. I recently bought a book, several summer blouses and some plastic mesh (to dry fresh cut bars of homemade soap) at a recent thrift store outing. Congratulations on completing your move!

Unknown said...


Where do you live????? I want to come to your thrift store! The thrift stores here in Calgary have gotten crazy with their pricing. ugh! Many things are cheaper to buy new. It is really nuts. The other day there was a little sketch book—not even a 'real art store' sketch book that some child had drawn in and it was priced for $2.99. (It was a small coil bound book with only a few sheets.) Those beautiful napkins would have been $3-4 dollars here, Sigh.

Happy for you!


Heather said...

Hi Kelly,

One thing I have always noticed through the years is that it seems that some thrift stores have way better prices than others. I have always tended to favour small thrift stores either in church basements or hospital auxiliary shops. Not sure if you have any of those in Calgary, it seems that in a lot of bigger places many of the little shops are being shut down and only bigger ones like Value Village and Salvation Army are left. We always like to make thrifting a part of our travels too and have found some wonderful small thrift store in the places we go.