Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Worth Watching Wednesday

Last week we made time to watch Dirt! The Movie.  I'm so pleased that people are making movies like this.  Sometimes I find it difficult to watch these sorts of documentaries because they do show the damage that we are doing to this earth but they also show many, many inspiring, motivated people doing their part to help as best as they can so I always come away inspired to do more and glad to have learned even more.

We also watched Fresh - such an interesting film.  I was so pleased to see an interview with Joel Salatin.  I read his book Family Friendly Farming this summer and enjoyed it so much so it was a treat to see his farm and him in action.
Also loved seeing  more about the Edible Schoolyard program in Alice Waters' interview as well.  Anytime we go by a school the gardener in me can't help but look at the land around it and see potential garden and potential food.  Such a beautiful idea.

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Erin said...

I am grateful for films like this. They really help to show the bigger picture and help me in my commitment to green living and to making food choices that support the wholeness of our Earth. Thanks for the reminder to look for these!! I've missed these topics in the SD Village over Summer!!