Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Summertime Feasting

We've been eating straight from the garden and enjoying it so much.  I love eating at this time of year...well, I love eating all through the year but I love the freshness of this time of year.  Some meals we've been enjoying the last few days are breakfast burritos (for dinner, though).  We saute new potatoes with garlic and herbs until they are browned and cooked through. Then we put them in tortillas with eggs that we've scrambled with sauteed zucchini and red pepper.
We top that off with homemade salsa, tomatoes and cheese.  This cheese in one of my favourite ones from Gort's Gouda - they're all good and W would tell you that the Cumin gouda is the best. I like the smoked gouda with  Habanero peppers because the smokey taste is delicious on burritos or nachos.  This is VERY hot though so we just use a bit.  We learned a lesson about habaneros last year when W put some from the garden onto a batch of chilli cheese fries that he was making - let me just say there was nothing "chilly" about them. 
I've also been trying more zucchini recipes.  We made two Impossible Zucchini Pies from Simply in Season. 
I think next time I would halve the recipe and make one so that we wouldn't have leftovers.  We preferred it hot out of the oven.
We've been enjoying buckets of beans - so far mostly made my favourite way but last night I found a new recipe that we all loved so now we will be having that a lot as well.
And we've been gorging on tomatoes - greek salad, tomato pie, tomato sandwiches, cheese tomato buns under the broiler and we've been using these...
to make platefuls of this - slices of tomato, olive oil, salt and pepper, fresh mozzarella and fresh basil.  So good.  S ends up eating so many that he barely has room for the rest of dinner.
And we're eating buckets of cherry tomatoes...just as they are.
I feel very blessed every time I go to my garden.  Life is truly abundant and gardening is the perfect medium to remind me so each and every day.  The other day I was feeling very stretched with some aspects of our life just now, I knew that I needed to get into the garden and just be.  It only took an hour of working in the garden to have me back feeling peaceful and choosing joy over choosing frustration.  The garden is magical that way too - a place to feed soul and the senses as well as hungry tummies.


MissMelanie said...

Now I feel the need to head out to my garden and see what is for dinner!!

Moment to Moment said...

Looks so delicious, looking forward to get back in the kitchen.

Mary-Sue said...

mmmmm! don't forget pesto! we're so enjoying your gift of cherry tomatoes! tonight we had a salad made with cherry tomatoes halved, slices of lemon cuke (that we have buckets of), and sauteed (last night, so they were cold tonight) zucchini all mixed up with pesto and mayonnaise. SO completely yum! must try!

Erin said...

Pesto AND mayonnaise?!?! OH my. I have all of these things, I can do this! Thanks Mary-Sue :-)

I can relate very well to the stretched feeling...more stretching lessons on your plate, hey? Hope things are brightening in whatever way they need to be. The Earth and one's garden have amazing healing powers. It's what grounds and calms me too.

Be well, :-)

rose forever said...

Yummy is all I can say especially when the veggies are from your garden. It is really fresh when you just harvested it from your garden. I can’t wait to have this recipe next harvesting time. Thanks for your recipe.

melanie panda said...

Your article makes me hungry! Your recipes look delicious and they are really simple and easy to make. I love your cherry tomatoes because of their reddish skin and healthy outlook.