Monday, August 23, 2010


I only tried eating edamame for the first time a few  years ago.  I thought it was such a great snack.  This year I was given some soybean plants to grow in my garden and it was fun to try a new to me plant.
I've been picking them for the last few weeks and was pleased to have enought to freeze a few bags worth too.
They're such fun looking, furry little things.
All I did was pop them in boiling water for five minutes and then put them in cold water to cool.
Then put them whole (in pods) into freezer bags.  They look just like little candies to me although my boys don't think they taste like candy.  Ah well, all the more for S and I.


momma rae said...

we had some of these in a csa box this year. such a treat fresh as we had only had the bags of frozen ones before! my kids practically think they are candy and gobble them down. ;)

Katherine said...

They look yummy. I've never tried these. I used to play in fields of soybeans as a kid and I don't know what they taste like green.

Erin said...

Yum!! HUGE edamame fans here! It would be fun to try growing them. The first time we tried them, we were hanging out at the demo garden that West Coast Seeds used to run in Delta, BC, and one of their gardener/farmers encouraged a then 3 year old Matthew to try them off the plant. He did, he liked them, and then we began to buy them frozen to boil and toss with sea salt. Mmmmm.

We now make a heavenly Edamame Arame Salad made with the beans, the Japanese arame seaweed, and a few other things...I may need to blog about that!!

DavePR said...

Thanks for doing a feature on the "Wonder Veggie"! I work with Seapoint Farms, the largest manufacturer and distributor of edamame in the U.S. It is always great to stumble upon other edamame fans who are spreading the word. I look forward to following your blog further!