Sunday, April 25, 2010

First Asparagus

I never used to go to the farmers market very much before we sold our old home - with all my gardens, fruit trees and planting there wasn't much need.  Yesterday we made a special trip in to get our yearly supply of honey (last year we got one 30lb bucket on Seedy Saturday and it has lasted us until now) and I also wanted to get a special treat - our first asparagus of the season.  I'm still feeling a little sad about leaving my new asparagus bed behind in my old gardens and buying 3 bundles of fresh, local asparagus goes a long ways towards helping me feel better.
We ate some raw as soon as we bought it (if you've not tried it raw you really ought to - it's delicious). We had some last night with butter, salt (nettle seed salt for me) and pepper.  Tonight, alongside homemade perogies, we will have more topped with hollandaise sauce and then if there is a bit left over I think we will have it in some springtime soup with nettle and garlic as well.


affectioknit said...

Oh yes - we love it raw!

Erin said...

Raw is divine; just like fresh peas!! The first time I tried it raw our landowner (who has an asparagus patch going on 25 years) handed my Ds and I a few *just snapped* pieces out of his garden and I looked at him like he was crazy! He looked on so I tried it. Wow! We planted out first asparagus bed the next month. Now it is just poking up, and this being its' third season, we can eat a little for a few weeks!

I will be sad to leave ours one day, as well. They are such an investment in patience!!

sheila said...

Oh, Heather! I almost teared up at that! Well, FWIW, my asparagus patch had to be replanted this year, so I too am looking mournfully into an asparagus-rich future.

We're selling our strawberries (well, the twins are) because we have millions of them. I've never had such a prolific plant. My only conclusion is that they like kelp meal. I wish I could give you some.

Greenie said...

I really want to grow asparagus, but I'm not sure how it will do here in Southern California. Guess I won't know until I try!

Heather said...

Yes Erin, it really is just like fresh peas! That was such a surprise to me.

Shelia, I missed your comment somehow and now I'm wondering what happen to your old asparagus patch, they're supposed to last for years and years so I'm guessing something went very wrong?