Friday, April 23, 2010

Easy Tomato Soup

Here is another good reason for having lots of preserved tomatoes on hand:  one jar gives you the basis for a really good, easy-to-make tomato soup.
Put some olive oil in a pot (I was fortunate enough to receive a large cast iron pot for Christmas so I no longer have to make soup in my big fry pan).  Add some crushed garlic and saute until soft.  Add a grated carrot and saute for just long enough to soften the carrot.
Add the jar of tomatoes and 2 -4 cups of broth.  Simmer.  Then add seasonings.  I like to add a cube of frozen basil (I whir it through the food processor in summer, freeze it in icecube trays and then pop the cubes into a bag).
After it has simmered for 15 minutes or so I use an immersion blender to blend it until it is smooth.  If you use dairy it is also nice with a spoonful of sour cream whirled through it.
And there you go, a simple and delicious lunch.

Oh, and I realized that I never posted a picture of the finished French Press slippers, so here they are with their buttons attached.  Now, just six more pairs to go...


affectioknit said...

I was just thinking about tomato soup for lunch today! Thanks! and your slippers look lovely!

sheila said...

How cute!

I love your kitchen table, too. I now have wooden kitchen table envy.

hyperate: "A hyper ate my homework."

~ Yvonne ~ said...

It is interesting that you posted a pic of those french press slippers now, as I just bought that pattern two weeks ago and started to knit them for my daughter (which reminds me it's time to finish that!) They look great. I am excited to see how mine turn out. I have never knit-felted anything before.

Heather said...

Hi Yvonne, I know I kept forgetting to put the buttons on and then I kept forgetting to take a photo so...

Fun to hear that you have the pattern. I hope they turn out well. I realized that next time, I would take a little more time to make sure my seams were a bit tighter before felting. I feel that they could have looked a little tidier.