Thursday, June 4, 2009

What's blooming...

There's been lots going on around here but not much time to post about it. I've still been enjoying my flower gardens even though I know they will only be mine for a short time now. It seems as though everything is in bloom all of a sudden -lilacs, allium, peonies, daisies, lupin, iris, California poppies, the Kerria Japonica I brought from my folks' place and much more.
I'm enjoying seeing all these in flower and really noticing how much we've done here over the 10 years we've been here. I'm feeling OKish with letting go of all these flower gardens and moving on - a little short-term pain for a big long-term gain, right? - that is my motto just now (repeated at regular intervals as I work through all this packing business) ;-) garlic bed (that I planted last November with all those cool sounding varieties of garlic) and asparagus bed... I'm having trouble lettin' go of those. Look how gorgeous that garlic looks!!
And although I love this quote because I love the sentiment behind it - the idea that "dirt" is precious -

They're making more people every day, but they ain't makin' any more dirt.

Will Rogers
still, I respectfully disagree. We can, in fact, make more"dirt" can't we, just by composting our waste. Love it!
And so I'm also having trouble with the thought of leaving all my compost behind. So...I'm not. I've given some to a friend to fill her new raised beds and I am going to take some with me for my garden pots. (yes, I know I said I would take a year off gardening, but really...just how would I go about that?!?! just a few pots, is all...)

And E, the youngest gardener (and the most avid grazer) in the family has been busy chowing down on everything edible that he can find in the gardens - strawberries, dill, sorrel, lambsquarter and more. He was pleased to find masses of wild strawberries in bloom at our "place in the woods" on a recent visit and he feels quite happy to know that he will still be able to so some grazing at this new place.

So all in all, things are going well. It is quite interesting sorting through Every Single Thing We Own and deciding what to keep and what to pass on. I'll be glad when we are done and moved but I am also glad for this stretch outside my comfort zone too. I recently read on an interesting blog that "space and clutter can't co-exist" and I just love the simplicity of that statement. My family and I are wanting more space - space for living, space for loving, and space for learning - and I am finding that this shake up may be just the way to create that space for ourselves.

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