Friday, June 19, 2009

Oh my, but life is good...

Sunday morning we left our home of ten years and I spent some time during those last days taking more photos of things I thought I would miss.

Some favourite flowers.

E wandering through the garden looking for something to snack on. My rose garden just beginning to bloom.

The boys playing in their "dirt pit" which they have always preferred over a sand box. (and making sure they had all their hotwheels before we left)
And my veggie garden...oh, my lovely veggie garden. :-(
But actually...we're having such a good time in this new place that we aren't missing anything at all. E had a good cry as we left the only home he's ever known and then hasn't stopped smiling since we arrived here. We've walked down to the creek; sat on the deck and watched hawks; the boys have made trails in the woods and we've picked wild roses to make garlands.

We've found lots of wild plants like raspberries, strawberries, lupin as well as loads of daisies just about to burst into bloom.

And...I know I said I would be taking a year off of gardening up here but when I went to plant the tomatoes that E and I had grown from saved seed at someone's house in town they gave me some extra squash plants...and I couldn't say "No", could I? So we wheeled up a barrow of horse muck, put some caging around to help prevent deer from getting in (am I being really naive?) and made some squash hills. And there you have it...the beginnings of a garden. ;-)
And then yesterday another friend brought me some more plants so the second she left I began to turn this sandy soiled, weed-filled area
into this,
an herbal salad bar for the deer. ;-) (really, I was already hauling the horse muck, why not put it to good use?)

I know, I know...Hello, my name is Heather and I'm a gardening addict. (but an intensely happy one nonetheless)

Life truly is good!! I feel very blessed...Very!


Mary-Sue said...

Wow! You rock! I'll bring more next time i come... ;o)

this is my patch said...

There isn't anything wrong with being a gardening addict, I am one too! You will soon have your new garden up and running, although I appreciate how sad it must have been to have left your last one of ten years, and your home. Your new views and scenery is spectacular, and really pretty rose garland. x

Fantastic Five said...

So glad to hear you love your new place. The view is amazing. Gardening is in you. Enjoy the ground you have been placed upon. Blessings on you and your new surroundings.


Katherine said...

How wonderful to hear that you're enjoying your new home and all it has to offer. I admit, I'm envious of such a view! ;o)

Brilliant to hear about the good things growing wild and your first gardening exploits there. Makes me so happy for you and your family. Your year in the woods looks to be off to a great start! Enjoy!