Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring is sprung?

Time seems to be flying by for our family right now. We whiz through the week without really even knowing what day it is until Friday hits and then we seem to look around at each other and ask with disbelief "It's Friday again already?". We have lots going on right now so blogging was the first thing to lose priority. I thought I'd catch up a bit by posting some photos of what has been happening in our yard. Our back walnut tree has been playing host to a few varieties of birds. One morning it was filled with Bohemian Waxwings. One of them flew into our sunporch window and did not recover. It was such a gorgeous thing that we couldn't resist taking some photos. Not sure if it is considered PC to post dead bird photos so I won't but we were really impressed by its colourful tail feathers and especially the six tiny little red feathers it had on each wing. Oh, why not...a picture is worth a thousand words, after all. :-)Isn't it beautiful? Then the Robins came in and took over the tree for awhile and now the crows seem to have marked it as their hangout.Yesterday I started searching out some dandelions to use for a bit of a Spring cleanse. I eat the leaves and use the roots for tea. All the better for ensuring my neighbours think I'm nutty. ;-) I think I'm the only one in the neighbourhood actually looking forward to dandelion season. The fruit trees are pruned except for the apricot and cherries. The garden beds are ready to be planted, the first batch of peas are in and my garlic (planted in November) is starting to grow. I'm not putting compost on top of each bed this year. I'm saving it in the recycled bins S brought me from the dump and then can top dress as needed or make compost tea. This photo shows my mulched beds and I just can't express how much I love mulch. When I first moved here 10 years ago I didn't know about mulching, each Spring I spent hours and hours just trying to get rid of the weeds that absolutely covered the soil. Now, with permanent beds, good pathways and mulch put on each Autumn, I find garden prep to be pretty minimal.

Here is a closer up photo. The compost bins are at the back and still in the process of being emptied out. Everywhere in the front yard smells of violets right now. I LOVE that smell!

And the Lupins are starting to pop up everywhere again. It won't be long until the yard looks like this again and I feel the urge to re-read Miss Rumphius with the boys.


Katherine said...

Yes, it's definitely looking like springtime at your place. How exciting to be looking forward to a new growing season. Enjoy!

sheila said...

Oh to have a flat yard! And such a MASSIVE garden! Wonderful pictures. I love the water in the lupin. I take pictures like that too - there's something so magical about the water droplets sitting there.

We once found a Red Shafted Northern Flicker on the road on a walk - dead as a doornail. And I took pictures and blogged about it too. I think of it as an educational experience for the birders who read your blog! When else would I see pictures of a bird like the one you had?

Hollie said...

I'm an ornithologist in Calgary and would like to suggest that you can donate birds that you find (sadly) dead to local universities. You can contact the biology department and ask if the would like it for their collections. They probably have too many starlings, but waxwings are protected species and the information may be useful to a researcher.

Heather said...

Thanks Hollie. I'll keep that in mind for next time. I actually put the bird in the freezer so that I could save it for a friend to see (and she has it now) so I will tell her that the university might be interested.

sheila said...

What an amazing trampoline! I love it!