Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter eggs

Part of my family's tradition when I was a child was to dye eggs each year. I love doing this and have continued this tradition with my own boys. Every time we do this we wonder why we only do it once a year - it's just so much fun.

The boys had an indoor egg hunt and an outdoor egg hunt. The bunny hid them quite well this year, I guess that bunny knows that they are getting older and their "hunting" skills are getting better. ;-)
Last night I went to get my PJs out from under my pillow at bathtime and found a nice surprise there.
W came in and found my treats all lined up along my bedside table and asked where they had come from. I told him that I had found them under my pillow. (Very Exciting!) He looked at me for a second and then remarked that they (he and E) had spent ages looking everywhere for eggs and chocolate and I had managed to "find a whole parade of chocolate" (his words) Right Under My Pillow. ;-) I think he thinks I must have an in with the Easter Bunny.


Katherine said...

Wow. Great looking eggs. Looks like a lot of fun.

Smart Easter Bunny to put eggs and chocolates under your pillow. ;o)

this is my patch said...

The sweet little Lindt bunnies were on sale over here too. I was tempted. I must remember to dye some eggs next year. They make a lovely table display. x