Wednesday, October 12, 2011


We've been doing our usual thing for this time of year - squirreling away as much food and harvest goodness as we possibly can.  Yesterday was spent bringing in most of the garden (just a few things left to get today).  Last week E and I spent a bit of time seeing what we could find on this property and ended up with mushrooms and apples (we'd noticed this tree down the bank a bit when it was flowering in the springtime).
We also were thrilled to have a generous friend offer to let us pick from her plum tree.  E very much misses our plum tree at our old home (mostly because he loved climbing it but I think there is nothing more delightful to him than being able to climb a tree AND pop fresh-picked fruit in your mouth at the same time!).

He was so happy to be able to pick some plums and I was happy to be able to make some favourite plum desserts as well as a batch of plum butter.  When I asked E if he wanted me to make a batch he said he couldn't remember if he liked it.  I made some and at first taste he remembered that he did indeed love plum butter. ;-)
I was pleased that I came across my old recipe (which I had labeled "Good Plum Butter" to remind me that was the one I liked to use, not the one in my canning book).  Here it is in case you feel like making it.

16 cups plums, coarsely chopped
4 cups sugar (or to taste)
3/4 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp cloves

Simmer chopped plums with sugar until soft and cooked down.  Use immersion blender to blend to smooth consistency.  Add spices and cook down further until desired thickness.  I cook until I can take out  a spoonful and once cooled it has a "jammy" consistency - maybe two hours all told.
  Then I ladle into sterilized pint jars and process for 15 minutes in a hot water bath canner.


Reginas Cottage said...

hello heather
mmmh the plum butter looks good!!!
thanks for sharing the recipe.
lovely pics!!
have a nice time,

AMOffenwanger said...

Somehow the word "squirreling" makes me think of little twitchy creatures running frantically back and forth, jumping at every sound. Sort of like Hammy from "Over the Hedge". But that's not what you're talking about, is it?
Plum butter looks very yummy. Now I want some.

Elizabeth said...

Freash prune plums are the only kind worth eating!
How lucky you are to live at a lake!

The Finicky Farmer said...

Those plum pics are positively luscious! Many thanks for sharing such a great (and easy) recipe.

Happy squirreling!!

daisy g said...

Looks like y'all had a good time!

Hinterland Mama said...

I'm not sure any of those prune plums would have made it to the pan in our house. They are my favourite! And the kids love them too (why wouldn't they?).
Your plum butter recipe and those pics look so tantalising. My mouth is actually watering. I grew up with plum trees all around and Dad used to make a similar, plum sauce. We used to have it on everything!
It's nearly stone fruit season here, you've inspired me to seek some out ღ

Jacqueline said...

that plum butter looks mouth watering! you're going to be eating well this winter:-)