Monday, August 8, 2011

A Weekend in the Woods

We spent the weekend with friends in one of my favourite campspots (I can never commit to calling any of the campgrounds my favourite because I love so many so I have to say one of my favourites).  The things I love most about this spot is the absolute peaceful, quiet feeling of it, the call of the loons each morning and this - the water pump.  This campspot is considered pretty "rustic", no running water, no toilets...just quiet - I love it. Last year when we were there the weather was unusually cold and this year it was delightfully hot - just right to make one want to go for a swim in a mountain lake.

There were a few hikes, campfire time with s'mores and games (no luck this year getting the teens to do a sing-a-long), time to learn a new game (Farkle - which I somehow managed to win in spite of my "slow and steady" low risk method of game playing) and even a tiny bit of time for reading in the hammock.
Then we came home to a feast of garden-fresh corn from a generous gardener and Greek salad and, of course, zucchini from our own garden.  And X day (plus some apricot preserving) after last week's busy-ness.
And yes, it was as delicious as it looks.


Erin said...

I love your hammock :) You would be fun to camp with...we have a campground up in the mountains near Hope with one of those water pumps. They are such fun to crank!!

I will be away again soon too, maybe within a couple of weeks, it never feels like I could go camping enough times to satisfy that itch for solitude and peace.

Even though where i live there is lots of solitude, camping is the great way to pare it all back, use what is absolutely necessary and leave the rest. I think it is the simple routines and ease that I love so much.

erin said...

...and i thought of you when i saw these recipes...hope you can follow my link:


daisy g said...

That corn looks so yummy!

Glad you could get away. Camping is good for the soul.