Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Elderberry Syrup

I've been  busy packing up the shelves of my coldroom, there were still plenty of jars lining the shelves - things we hadn't used yet (it seems I do tend to go a little overboard with my preserving each year).  I kept a couple jars of Elderberry syrup out just in case we needed them before we moved - lucky thing.  W and I had both been feeling the start of something coming on and so I made good use of the syrup (my boys have decided that they don't really like the taste of this syrup so they are sticking with oil of oregano or garlic/lemon tea).
It certainly seems to be doing the trick because I have no feelings of illness today at all.  Love being able to stave off bouts of illness with homemade goodies.


Mary-Sue said...

Okay, I'm grinning here because when you gave me that little jar of Elderberry Syrup, I took it up the hill to have on pancakes! NOW i get what it's about and will bring it back down for medicinal purposes! So glad it works! and thank you!!!

denise said...

I love elderberry syrup - we use it every time the boys are sick and it works so great. We make a ginger elderberry lemonade and my guys will drink it. :)

Heather said...

Thanks for this idea, Denise. I'm going to try this next time we need some Elderberry because my boys do love ginger and lemon together so I'm sure this will make the Elderberry more appetizing to them. Great idea!

Thanks for the tip,