Monday, December 20, 2010

In the Kitchen

We've been busy in the kitchen making all kinds of treats.  We made some old favourites like Thimble Cookies
(shown here waiting to be filled with blackberry jam or raspberry currant jelly)

and some newer favourites like Brown Sugar Button cookies.
I made a double batch of these seedy crackers to give as gifts with homemade cheeseballs (although, of course, we will be sure to keep some to enjoy ourselves).
Filled with yummy ingredients and baked into loaves, then sliced and baked again...
they're a delicious, seedy, crispy treat.
And we didn't forget our bird friends.  E made these to put out on the solstice tree tomorrow. We put them out on the patio to keep cold and the Gray Jays have already been helping themselves to them.
We'll poke a length of yarn through and go outside tomorrow afternoon to hang them on the solstice tree as edible ornaments for the birds.


Erin said...

Those are great cookies! I make a version too (curiously without the lemon juice...I may try it!), and was fretting terribly this past week because I couldn't find my beloved, dog-eared, stained recipe card that I copied out when I was 14. Well last night I found it (while simultaneously cleaning the drawers and stacks of miscellanea on the countertops where I feared it lay buried ;-)), and I FOUND it! We shall make them this week!Along with another family favourite, molasses ginger cookies. Yum!

Elizabeth said...

We love Raincoast crisps! We sell them at the food shop where I work. A woman came in one day and said she saw them in Whole foods in Georgia for $17 a package!

I will definitely try that recipe, thank you.

daisy g said...

I love how you remember the birds on the solstice! Can I "borrow" your idea for next year?

Heather said...

Erin, I am glad you found it. So frustrating to lose a treasured recipe. I lost mine for pear cake some years ago and when I finally found it (after trying many "almost" recipes) I wrote it out twice to be sure I didn't lose it again. I'm hoping that means you have an oven again. ;-) I wonder if we have the same molasses ginger cookie too - are they rolled into little balls and rolled in sugar before baking?

Elizabeth - eeek!! $17!! I hope you will try these, they've been a hit with everyone I've given them too and are very open to changes in the recipe too.

Hi Daisy, I'd love for you to "borrow" this idea and feed your birds too. We've been having fun watching the birds here sneak onto our porch and peck at them.