Monday, November 1, 2010


I find it very easy to find things in my life for which I am grateful, even in difficult times - times of sickness, change or sadness - I still know that I am blessed with abundance.  Just lately I have been getting back into writing down a gratitude list daily instead of just every once in a while.  I always notice that when I begin this I find even more to be grateful for - there's so much we can easily take for granted, isn't there?

Just now I am feeling very grateful for our fireplace.  I adore the way we gather near it to read, chat, cuddle and craft.  I also thoroughly enjoy time on my own once in a while to watch a library DVD (like Persuasion) while the fire crackles and pops nearby.  Even our pets can't resist its charms and choose to snooze nearby.
I am grateful for the wood we chop (and chop and stack and chop and stack) which will keep us warm all winter (and also grateful for a strong husband who does most of the chopping).
I am grateful that my youngest son finds great pride and pleasure in the work of chopping down the dead trees which we will use for wood.
I am grateful that I have only 4 boxes left of tomatoes to use up.
And grateful for the steaming bowls of tomato soup that I will make with most of them.
Very grateful for thrifted wool sweaters (most of these will be made into a quilt - they are drying after being felted).  Thank you sheep.
Thankful for walks by the creek...
 with the company of my boys.
Thankful that gardening is done and that it is time to knit and craft.  Hurrah for the seasons, this is our slow(er) season.
My favourite slipper pattern (Fibre Trends Felted Clogs) - made for a gift (pictured before they were felted).

And I am grateful for so very much  more.  And you?  I hope you are finding much to be grateful for as well.


Anonymous said...

I have tried making those houseshoes from the same pattern. Being a beginning knitter, I am finding it difficult. Made one, but can't seem to get the second one to work...After seeing yours, I will try again. Thank your blog. And yes, we have a lot to be grateful much!


donna!ee said...

AMEN sister...the attitude of gratitude promotes the best perspective & intent...isn't the warmth & crackle & smell of a hickory fire the best, i wish they would figure out how to bottle that smell as a perfume...AND you're fashioning a quilt out of those sweaters...hopefully you will post that process ... ;)

Tara said...

This is true. For a long time I used to think feeling gratitude used to mean I had to ignore the bad things. Now I realize they go together (at least most of the time) and balance things out. Even a small moment of tranquility and appreciation can help me to keep things in perspective.

Heather said...

Hi Goldie - thanks for your compliment, lovely to hear that you enjoy my postings. Good luck with your second slipper. I know I always have a hard time doing a second sock so I can relate. I find with these slippers (even though I've made many pairs) I still have to be on my own with no one talking to me to be able to do them. They actually require me to give them my complete focus - a very good thing for helping me learn to stay present. ;-)

Hi Donnalee - I love what you said here -"the attitude of gratitude promotes the best perspective & intent." It is so true, isn't it. Thanks for commenting and I will be sure to post about the felted sweater quilt, I've made time to work on cutting out rectangles the last two days.

Hi TaraChristiane - thank you, you make such an important point - feeling gratitude really doesn't mean ignoring bad things or being a "Pollyanna" at all, it is just all about where we choose to place our focus, isn't it. We can accept that there will be difficult times but choose not to let our minds dwell on them. At any time I'm sure we could all make fabulous difficulty/badthings lists too, but what good would that do? ;-) I prefer to focus on/put my energy into the good things, glad you do too.

affectioknit said...

What a nice list! It's always good to be thankful...

Jacqueline said...

i have 2 bags of wool sweaters that i would love for you to look through if you'd like:-) i need someone to take them off my hands!

i love your gratitude list!

Jocelyn said...

I cannot remember how I found your bog, but I love it! I love to see that so much can be done at home, really a lost art!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post!