Monday, March 8, 2010

Signs of Spring?

Signs of Spring are still scarce here so E and I decided to make some of our own.  We planted some wheat two weeks ago.
And it happily  grew in our sunny windows.
Now E has one jar full for him to munch on, one jar is for our oldest cat and one is to just look green and springy.
I decided to take down our Winter greens wreath and put my springtime needle felted wreath back up (full photo of it on that link).
The surest sign of Spring for the boys?   Bikes and scooters came out, were tuned up and put back into daily use.
And, the surest sign of Spring fever on my part...even though I don't know if we will be living here much longer or who will be living here I simply Could Not Resist spending some time preparing the soil in last year's tomato beds for planting.
And this morning?  Fresh snow. 


affectioknit said...

All good fun! I hope you're there to reap the benefits of your tomato work...

Erin P said...

Oh, the weather is teasing you!! I love the scooter, we have one around here just like that. It is nice to see your oldest handy with bike resourceful to be able to fix your own things! Your wreath is adorable...we have some of (last year's) felted bunnies, and maybe some yet to be created felted Easter eggs, a few chicks...the makings of a lovely wreath for our door! Hope your all of your snow melts away today :-)


sheila said...

The weather IS teasing us! I heard that we're getting a brief flurry sometime soon. So I went and got some manure to spread around my new plants, so they don't freeze.

Love the grass!


Jacqui said...

Good that you got some time out side with your hands in the soil - outdoor tomatoes!! I wish - I am just getting my heated propagator ready to sow our greenhouse toms.

Anna said...

I was thinking about your love of tomatoes when I heard a playful song today called "Home Grown Tomatoes" by the Rabbleberries on Whole Wheat Radio (