Friday, December 4, 2009

More Green Decorations

Yesterday was such a beautiful day - cold but sunny.  The boys weren't impressed with this dry snow but I thought it was awfully pretty.  Little crystals standing up all over.

In the afternoon they went out to sled and I started another greenery decoration.  A lovely friend loaned me a wooden window box so I could do one for our deck.  We'll have to search for some rosehips to add to it when we go out looking for a tree this weekend.

While I was working I put my coffee down on a handy spot and when I went to drink it realized that it was very cold - my first iced coffee...iced naturally. ;-)

The other day we were out and just as I went to take this photo the deer turned away.  Camera shy?


Lise said...

That snow photo is amazing! I've never seen snow like that.

Mary-Sue said...

You could SO make greenery arrangements and sell them! Especially out of your big old cedar barn ;o) next year! he he
You are SO talented at that! gorgeous!