Sunday, December 6, 2009

Handmade Shopping Bags for Gifts

Yesterday I decided it was time to put a hold on the wayward knitting projects and get some gifts done quickly so we could get them in the post.  I decided to make some more of these favourite shopping bags out of some thrifted fabric I had on hand.  I decided to re-work my pattern so that I could fit them (top-to-bottom) on a 44 inch piece of fabric so I spent a few moments drawing out a smaller version of the bag and then I set to work.

This time I decided to sew a little clip into the bag so that it could be attached to a purse.

I used some thrifted bias tape and thrifted thread and it was done in no time. So then...

I made another. 

Now to see how many more I can get done today with some other fabrics.

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