Monday, November 16, 2009

More Simple Gifts

Yesterday the boys headed out to the garage to have their own workshop time.  There're some 'big doin's" going on out there.  They've come up with all kinds of neat things in the past.  When they came back in E showed me some of the things he had made.

This one actually holds three candles but he needs to get making some more and we just haven't got to it yet.

W spent the afternoon with a friend and then went back out to the garage with S in the evening.  When he came  back in he showed me this.

He still has some work to do to finish it up and now has plans to make one with a "horsey" head as a play toy.  Fun! 

I had time to finish knitting these slippers (which are waiting to be felted along with some pothandle holders).

And I did some needle felting too.  Fun to do some little acorns...or "Fuzzy nuts!?!?"  as my husband said in his 'what are you up to now, woman?' voice when I showed them to him. ;-)

Such fun to take time to make things.


ipsa said...

My goodness, too bad you didn't post the picture of those "fuzzy nuts" in the knitting conference!! I can see the post title... "check out some..."

Heather said...

Why Rebecca, whatever could you mean?? I'm sure I have no idea at all. ;-)