Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend with a Little Bit of Everything

We celebrated our Thanksgiving weekend with a little bit of everything including a little bit of good company.

A little bit of apple drying.

A little bit of sewing and a little bit of knitting (more on the knitting later).

A bit of hiking.  Started the next section of the High Rim Trail, it is cold enough this high up now that the creek was still frozen during the middle part of the day and we were glad we had brought mitts along.

A little bit of archery practice. 

This little duck had no idea why S bought him from the thrift store.  He probably was quite happy to be chosen from amongst all the other bits and bobs in the thrift store and was expecting to be going to a good home.  Not so.

It didn't even matter that I was singing Burl Ives' There's a Little White Duck.

The poor thing was doomed.

There was a Lot! of eating.  The homemade giant perogies were a big hit.

My boys really admire Jamie Oliver and, after seeing a few of his DVDs and learning more about how he supports fresh, local food, I really liked him too but now, after trying this recipe...I luv him!  These roasted veg were delicious!  Seriously the best ever veg.  Four helpings later I decided this would be a regular meal in our home.  Yum.  The only thing we did differently was to sub thyme for rosemary because we prefer thyme.  We ate ours too quickly to take a photo but check out the photo from the above recipe link, you can tell they are delicious just from the picture.
So much to give thanks for - just within the simple things of our everyday lives - we feel very blessed.


this is my patch said...

I've never come across a perogie before. It looks delicious, and from what I can see, is similar to what we call a pastie! I agree with you about roasted vegetables, and they are so easy to do. Poor duck, and a rather nice duck too. His injuries don't look life threatening, yet! Happy Thanksgiving. x

sheila said...

I LOVE that duck! It's so - so - duckish. It has such wonderful edges to it.

We watched Jamie's School Dinners when were renovating this house (on my mum's 4 million channel TV) and we STILL talk about Turkey Twizzlers. The kids never got over how stilted the diets of those kids were - and how bland. I couldn't get over how some of them couldn't recognize a potato in its unfried form.

Heather said...

Hi Louise, a perogie is shaped like a pastie and has a delicious filling (ours have mashed potato, onion, cottage cheese, grated cheddar and spices - our favourite) but they are not baked like a pastie. We boil them first and then saute them in butter and spices. They are delicious, I grew up with them. Definitely worth trying.

Heather said...

Dare I ask what Turkey Twizzlers are, Shelia? I thought Twizzlers were a brand name for licorice...please don't tell me there is such a thing as turkey flavoured licorice. ;-)

Yes, I love that J.O is involved in school food, I really do think children (and adults alike) will eat and enjoy really good fresh food if given the chance to properly try it. Parents were always amazed at the food their kids would eat out of my garden or at my house simply because it is fresh and right there, you know?