Thursday, October 15, 2009

Herbal Health

I'm a big fan of herbals and consider it the most effective way of healing for myself.  My body responds well to herbs and herbal medicinals and so I try to learn more about herbs all the time.  My sons are also very familiar with herbs because they've been raised with them and have used them to help them through the bumps, bruises, colds and other ailments that are a part of living. 

I don't have quite the pantry or coldroom in this house that we had in our other home but that isn't keeping us from filling what we do have with some herbal remedies. 

The boys call this my Concoction Cupboard (they're always interested to see what concoction I've got on the go) but I prefer to think of it as my Potions Pantry (seeing as how I have a bit of a fondness for a certain Potions Master). ;-)

At any rate, I'm getting it nicely stocked for this year with all sorts of goodies - some old familiars like calendula, chamomile, yarrow, mint and dandelion as well as some that are new to me like dried elderberries and  elderberry spiced honey.

There is some Burdock tincture, red clover blossoms, lots of dried sage, dried burdock root, loads of nettle and some nettle seed, wild strawberry leaf and self-heal.

Last week before our hard frost E and I went out to collect just a bit more Self-heal, some wild mint and some Mullein leaves to dry.  I had some Mullein flowers on hand as well as some Mullein flower oil but hadn't got to picking leaves yet.  Every time I feel them I just can't help but think what a sensible alternative to T.P they must have made - so soft. ;-)

This weekend I put some Calendula petals in the fondue pot to make some Calendula oil.  We were down to our last bit and couldn't find where I had put the last jar of Calendula salve either so I wanted to get some done.  I didn't have near my regular amount of Calendula flowers here but it doesn't take much to make just one jar of salve and one of oil.

This is one of my favourite things to make because the petals are just so beautiful. Love the colours.
Mix the oil with a bit of beeswax and you've got an easy salve.  (If you want a few more details on making this simple salve I posted about it here.)

I've also put up 2 jars of elder elixer after reading about it on Flow of Love and being inspired to try my own.  It looks so beautiful and smells so divine that it is definitely worthy of its own post. ;-)


Sarah said...

I've read through a couple of herbal remedy books and I've always been a little confused by the lack of dosing recommendations or help in preparing the herbs for use. And the lack of direction on how to dose children, too!

Do you have any advice on where to begin if I wanted to start learning how to use plant remedies?

Anonymous said...

The potions master would be proud ;)
Rebecca :)

affectioknit said...

I was just wishing you had a Smell-O-Blog...

nettlejuice said...

Your potions pantry is wonderfull.
And it is such a blessing to share the herbs with our children isn't it?

Heather said...

Hi Sarah, I really like this book for information on herbs for children, remedy recipes and doses-
Kids, Herbs, & Health: A Parent's Guide to Natural Remedies by Sunny Mayor and Linda White. I think it might be a good place to start, it has lots of simple remedies and is a good resource to have on hand. I am also a huge fan of Susun Weed and I think anyone could benefit from her books.

Heather said...

Thanks Rebecca. I'd do my best to be a top student in his class. ;-)

Kaylovesvintage said...

that looks to learn more about it