Saturday, October 3, 2009

Handmade Home Bookmark

I've been so inspired to get busy on some projects while reading  Handmade Home, it was due back at the library today so I wanted to quickly finish the bookmark while I still had the book on hand.  Yesterday, after a fun homelearner wood carving class here, the boys and I sat in front of the fire (all those whittling chips to use up!) and did some crafting.  Since I'm new to embroidery I wanted to keep it quite simple. W drew a stick figure of my mom for me.

I embroidered it onto a small piece of plain fabric I had leftover from making shopping bags.

And here's the fun part, I went to look through my scrap bag, most of which has come from my mom, and found this bit of fabric.

This is a leftover bit from a nightgown she made for herself when she was pregnant with me - over 40 years ago.  I know because she saved the nightgown (it was special to her!) and gave it to me a few years ago.  I decided to use this for the backing of the bookmark and was quite pleased that the embroidery thread I had used matched the little berries just so.

And since I couldn't find my ribbon box in my very messy, very unorganized, I really need to stop crafting and take some time to organize the craft supplies not quite unpacked yet crafting room, I used a bit of linen to make my own tab for the top of the bookmark.  A fun little project that will have an extra special meaning for my mom. 

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Jacqueline said...

she will LOVE it! what a fun project!