Monday, October 5, 2009

Coming In

We tend to spend most of our time outdoors.  There are always just so many things to do, see, hear, smell and taste out there. this time of year we do start to crave just a little more time indoors.  This year we feel lucky to have a gorgeous fireplace to sit in front of and we have lots of plans to use it well - crafting by it, reading snuggled up on the couch nearby, sipping tea and chatting, sketching and listening to CDs.  We had snow twice in  the morning last week and it has been cold in the evenings.  We've even had our first (mini) snowman. ;-)

The hills around us are rapidly turning gold as the leaves turn and the peaks we can see from our deck are now covered in snow.

We're ready to tuck ourselves in for least on the colder, dreary days.  But, I couldn't resist bringing just a little bit of the outside indoors this year since I know I'll have enough sunlight to satisfy these plants.  I've got cans of herbs happily set up on the windowsills in the kitchen now as well as a lovely little ruffled pansy (I think??) from a dear friend, I couldn't very well let that freeze, could I?

This tomato plant is one that E dug up to bring in.  When he planted his flower garden here at the end of June he used some compost from our old home.  A few weeks later he noticed a tomato seedling coming up.  It was just setting bloom shortly before we started getting frost so we dug it up and brought it in to save it. 

Now it has a couple of tomatoes coming.

We also brought in most of our garden produce (I still have some of my tomatoes covered in plastic to protect them while they ripen a bit more) and the guys went into town to help clear out the other garden after mountain biking yesterday.

We've got little piles of goodies here and there throughout the house.  Love it.

And this is my kind of bouquet.

And then last night, after bringing in all this goodness, I ran a bath with a few leaves off the bunch of scented geranium I'd brought in to dry (a tip from a friend when she gave me the geranium).  Delightful.


sheila said...

SNOW?? Your seasons are quite different from me here on the coast. It's fascinating comparing them.

We're in the throes of an October heat wave here (temps of 19 & 20), so I'm turning composts and replanting things that weren't doing well and plotting my bulb places. And wearing a sleeveless dress while doing it.It's wild to see someone with snow somewhere.

Lovely produce pictures.

Heather said... you're just being cruel, Shelia, taunting me with your gorgeous transplanting weather while I shiver me timbers up here in the woods. ;-) Hmmm, I'll have to post some photos of me relaxing in front of the fire while you dig, dig, dig and work, work, work in your sunny, warm yard. ;-O

Now who's doing the taunting, heh? ;-)