Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Ragbag

I asked our library to buy a copy of Handmade Home and was quite excited to get it the other week.  The first thing to really catch my eye as I had a quick flip through was the rag bag.  I grew up with a rag bag in our home but have never had one as an adult.  At our old home I had cupboards in the laundry room and I stored all our rags in there.  Seeing the one in Handmade Home inspired me to get going on my own.  I looked through my supply of thrifted bits and pieces and came up with a fabric I liked.

I decided to use the full piece of fabric and make it bigger than the one in the book.  I also decided to use elastic in the casing instead of doing a buttonhole and tie.

I added some bias tape handles and then, since I had decided not to do the fabric ball decorative bits, I thought it still needed a little something.

I embroidered a label for the front on a plain piece of linen and...

it's done.

A super quick very satisfying project.  Now I think I need for the kitchen, one for the laundry room, one downstairs...


Samantha said...

Ooo, I love that! I'm going to make a few of those as well! I can't wait for turn on the library wait list. :-)

sheila said...

OMG, how come your library actually ORDERS the books you ask for? Ours doesn't. They don't even acknowledge the fact that I've asked for them.

By the way, those tomato skins are famous over here. I was somewhere the other day and a mother came up to me and said "I was reading on your blog about that woman's [aka: you and Mary-Sue] tomato skins and I wondered how they were?"

Heather said...

I just went to re-order it, Samantha and now I have to wait awhile. :-(

Shelia, our library is Amazing! Worth moving to the Okanagan for. That is one of my stipulations for finding our acreage - it has to be in our library system area because I Love them. Seriously. The only other stipulation is the property has to be in a good tomato growing area. See how easy to please I am? Good tomatoes and good books, that's all it takes. :-)

W just asked them to buy another Christopher Hart cartooning book and the newer Doris Kindersley Lego Star Wars book and they already have them on order.

Jacqueline said...

I love this bag! We need some in our house too!