Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Felted Pothandle

Here are some tips to help get you started on your own felted pothandle if you like.  I don't have a pattern but this is basically what I do.

Cast on 50 stitches of wool yarn leaving a longish tail.  (I usually use a double strand but not always.  This is  a good use for any bits leftover from the felted slipper clogs I make.  I've done anywhere from 48ish -66ish stitches but find 50 a good number to start with for a regular size handle.)

Knit for 20 rows.

Cast off and leave a longish tail.

 Fold in half.

Use long tails to stitch up sides.

Make several and then felt them all at once in the same way you would do any felting.  Here is a photo of one I already have felted but haven't yet added any needle felting to. Alternately you can use several different colours of yarn or variagated wool to make patterned ones and not add any needle felting.  These could also be easily made from a felted sweater sleeve.

Let me know if that makes sense of if it needs more details.

Boy, you guys keep me on my toes. ;-)  OK, I forgot needle size and yarn details.  I mostly use this kind of Paton's yarn because I have it leftover from the felted slippers I make and I use a double strand of it.  I have also used a chunky wool from the thrift stores and I only use one strand when it is that thick.  The needles I use are 5.5mm but really, since you are felting these are just so adaptable to any size yarn or needles...you just might need to felt a little more or less depending on needle size. ;-)  Hope that helps.


Sarah said...

That makes perfect sense. One question: What size are those needles you're using?

Thanks for doing this!

Leigh said...

Great tutorial. Thanks! All it needs is a suggested yarn and needle size.

RecycleCindy said...

Your felted handle covers are so pretty and colorful. Mine are just kinda plain but maybe next time I can find some bright-colored t-shirts to recycle so my pot handle covers can be more colorful. Thanks for stopping by my blog to visit.

Jain said...
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Jain said...

I took up knitting just so I could do this - thanks for the inspiration!

Moment to Moment said...

I think your blog is my new favorite>
I too love my black skillet and use it for everything, had never thought of a handle, how clever.
Thanks for that!!!!

Anonymous said...

You added the decorations after you felted the handle holder?

Heather said...

Yes, I needle-felted the decorations on after I had felted the handle holder. I put a little piece of foam inside the holder and did my needle felting.

Unknown said...

What size needles do you use?

CJRPBC said...

How do you felt it after you make it?