Thursday, July 16, 2009

Handmade cloth ball

My mom made me this ball when I was little. When I was packing this up for our move I realized why the fabric on this garage sale quilt I bought so appealed to me, I knew that I loved the fabric but didn't realize that it had been on this ball I played with growing up. Isn't it funny how fabrics can have such feelings to them?

I used to make smaller versions of this ball (with a bell inside) for baby gifts. I hadn't made one of these in years but wanted to make one for a birthday gift for a special someone. My crafting room is still mostly in bags and boxes so finding the bits and pieces I wanted took some doing. I had been hoping to use more of my mom's old fabric bits from the 60s and 70s but couldn't find the bag I had in mind (until I had already sewn the ball and was riffling around looking for stuffing!!) but I did find some and was able to mix it with some thrift store fabric finds.
Fun! I love making handmade gifts...and I love using only bits and pieces that I already have to do so.
It went down a treat. ;-)


Samantha said...

What a sweet little ball!! Is it hard to make? Do I need a pattern? Do you think I could use flannel scraps to make it?

Jess said...

you know it's a good cake when the pan is scraped out!
and that ball looks so cute! I love your idea of putting a bell in the middle, I know my baby is fascinated with things that jingle.

Heather said...

Samantha - next time you are here just remind me and you can trace the shape of the cut-out I used.

Jess - yes, scraped is one sign of something good around here...licked out is another. ;-)