Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Zucchini Orzo, Wild Strawberries and Huckleberries too

I love that word - huckleberry. the way it sort of rolls around the tongue. I grew up eating the red variety of huckleberry and only tried the black kind recently (when E found them on a trip to Barkerville). E is our wild food kid, no matter where we go he will find wild food. He is always the first to spot any kind of berry on a hike and I find comfort in knowing that he would never starve if lost in the woods. ;-) The other day he found some berries on the property and wanted to show me to make sure they were huckleberries (we have a rule that I have to double check before he eats). Now that he has found them hopefully he will let some ripen all the way before eating them.He finds lots of other good things too. He found this lovely egg and then the next day we were heading to town and found a nest right in the middle of the road.
We're loading up on wild strawberries just in case there aren't any left soon with all this heat. Delicious.
And yesterday when we headed out to the bottom of the property kitty decided to follow us. Whenever we went too quickly or she was feeling left out she would let out a loud, pathetic, don't-leave-me sort of "mrrrow" and then we would call to her and she would hurry to catch up.

This year is my year to be the visitor getting loaded up with excess zucchini and I think I surprise the generous gardeners by happily taking as much as they care to share. I have a hard time buying zucchini (it just seems like one of those things that there is so much excess of) and so I love to have it given to us. We came home with 5 good sized ones the other day. Samantha reminded me of a recipe I had made last year (after checking that link I realize it was 2 years how time flies) and forgotten about so we had it for dinner last night - Disappearing Zucchini Orzo from Animal, Vegetable, Miracle.

Thankfully we still have enough zucchini left over to make this - Chocolate Zucchini Cake ( I love these Best of Bridge cookbooks, every recipe I have ever tried from them has been delicious)

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sheila said...

Well, just the thing I need for my Ronde de Nice zucchini. I have a zucchini cake recipe but I'm bored with it.

Did I tell you ever that my kids are IN LOVE with the rhubarb juice 'pop' recipe you posted? We've been making quarts of the stuff for the last few weeks. I will be sad when rhubarb season ends they love it so much.