Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Blueberries to put by and corn on the cob

E adores blueberries and the rest of us are fans too - plain, with yogurt and honey, in pancakes or muffins, and served over french toast. One happy coincidence of our trip to the coast was that we were heading home right past the many blueberry fields. We saw a sign on the side of the road advertising blueberries $1.50 per pound and the brakes went on. Luckily my husband is very accustomed to having to have quick reaction time to my frequent shrieks of requests to "STOP THE TRUCK" and was able to pull right in and get us a good deal on berries. We ended up getting 30 pounds (even more amazing we still had some left after a four hour drive back into the interior) and I tucked 20 pounds away in the freezer for wintertime. I'm already wishing we had bought more (so greedy!) because they are absolutely delicious - just the right balance of sweet with a hint of tart that I like. When we run out of blueberries we will have to make do with some Saskatoon berries since we have them growing right here on the property in abundance and they freeze well too. I don't like them plain but they'll do in a pinch thrown into muffin batter or pancakes.

One of my favourite summertime treats (besides tomatoes) is corn. My mom likes to tell a story of me as a two year old on a camping trip hiding behind the trailer and eating all the cold leftover corn on the cob out of the cooler. (something I would still do, by the way, except it is pretty unlikely that there would be leftovers to begin with these days) It is still one of my favourite things to eat and so we stopped to get some Chilliwack corn on the way home as well. I cooked some up that very night and had a bedtime snack of corn on the cob with butter, salt and freshly ground pepper. Delicious!
We ate some the next night with zucchini and we will have some of the in this favourite corn salad recipe tonight.


Samantha said...

Those look yummy!! I'm up to 40 lbs in the freezer and wondering if it's enough - I don't even want to think about how many lbs we've eaten! Blueberries seem extra delicious this year.

I love how one box has a lot less then the others ;-) Seems like the perfect road trip snack.

Leigh said...

Gosh those blueberries look good. Your saskatoons sound like our rabbiteye, of which I just discovered we have a bush. Not too tasty raw, but delicious in any baking. Wish I had a freezer. I've been dehydrating mine.