Sunday, March 1, 2009

Needle felted bird and bird nest

Oh my!! This needle felting is addictive. The other day as I was cleaning I came across a twig wreath I have been meaning to do something with for years. I already have Autumn and Winter door wreaths so I thought it might be nice to make a Spring wreath. A friend and I were watching our kids needle felt gnomes the other day and talking about some things that we would like to needle felt, that chat motivated me to finish the bird I had on the go...and to create this little nest. There isn't much I love more than bird eggs of blue. I needed a few more things to fill up the wreath so I tried to make a few daffodils. I think I will try a few more flowers and then see if I can attach some live ivy to the wreath somehow too.

Seeing as how my real flowers are only looking like this so far the Spring flowers on my wreath might be the only ones I get to enjoy for a little while yet. ;-)


Jacqueline said...

I love the nest and eggs! And the bird turned out beautifully!

Dorothy said...

Just stumbled onto your website. I love it. Where do you show how to make your Needle felted items? These would decorate an Easter Basket nicely.

Heather said...

Hi Dorothy
I haven't posted any how-tos on needle felting as I am just learning too. ;-) I got two really great books from our library - Little Felted Animals by Marie-Noelle Horvath and Wool Pets by Laurie and Kevin Sharp. They are full of all kinds of fun stuff as well as all the how-tos needed. Hope that helps.