Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Future of Food and Seedy Saturday

We watched this film a few weeks ago and I keep thinking about it. We already grow most of our veg from heirloom seeds and we also save a lot of our own seeds but after watching this I feel compelled to do more...grow more, save more, share more, do more and talk more.
I want to be sure that more people know what is going on with our food and I want people to see how easy it is to grow more of our own. I want to share more seeds and encourage excitement about growing, preserving and, most of all, eating fresh homegrown vegetables.
This film is full of lots of information on genetically-modified seeds, corporate control and seed patents. It also contains information about simple things we can do - support local agriculture, save seeds, grow your own, etc. The second disc has some special features including an interview with Michael Pollan and a short film called How to Save Seeds from Vegetables by Underwood Gardens.
Just in case you want to get yourself some interesting seed varieties to get started for this year.
Seedy Saturday
Certified organic seeds, plants, many rare and heirloom varieties, especially tomatoes. There will also be music, food, planting kits, artwork, honey, lavender, speakers and more. Kelowna's Seedy Saturday will be at the Rutland Centennial Hall 180 Rutland Road North) again this year from 10:00am to 3:00pm. Remember to bring your saved seed to the seed swap table ~ a chance to perpetuate those family treasures, and acquire some new ones! Admission is by donation at the door to the Central Okanagan Community Gardens.
Many communities have Seedy Saturdays coming up in the next few weeks. They are a great place to meet people, find out more about gardening and get some great seeds or plants.

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denise said...

We just checked that out from the library again this week and watched it Sunday night. It has so much food for thought...