Friday, December 19, 2008

Knitted Chainmail

I definitely work best under pressure. What's with that? It was at least at least a month and a half ago that I cast on for this chainmail. I saw it on Knitting Iris' blog and knew it would be a perfect solstice gift for E. It languished on the needles (hmmm, that seems to be a recurring theme with my knitting) until just the other day. I worked on it every chance I got yesterday and just finished it this morning. I really like it. It is just made out of scrap yarn that I already had so there are different shades of grey and different thicknesses of yarn but it turned out just fine. W tried it on for me because part way through because I thought that the neck hole seemed too small to get over a head. I yanked and tugged at it trying desperately to get it over W's head eased it gently over W's head and managed to pull so hard that the yarn finally gave up and stretched just before its breaking point thankfully, the yarn gave way with my gentle persuasion. Whew! I really think he will be thrilled with this gift.

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