Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Each year at this time we give thanks for just some of our many blessings - we have so much to be grateful for. Our ritual is that we go around the table and take turns saying something that we are thankful for and then lighting a small candle. Some years we have wanted to give thanks for so many things that our table is full of candles glowing in the dark and we have joked that we might set off our smoke detector. This year we kept it simple and just had three candles each - three turns to give thanks.
And then...we ate pie. Pumpkin pie and whip cream...and lots of it. All the more to be thankful for, I say. ;-)


this is my patch said...

This sounds like a lovely idea Heather. If I had kids I would do this. As it is, not sure I could get my other half to participate? x

Jess said...

what a great tradition!