Friday, July 9, 2010

Goodness from the Garden

Yesterday I harvested some more things from my garden in town.  Loads of zucchini (anyone have any great zucchini recipes they feel like sharing?) and some chiogga type beets - candystripe, I think they were.  Some members of our family enjoyed the greens as well (the three male members of this family Did Not!).
Beautiful colour but, after tasting them last night, I decided I prefer our usual red beets for flavour. (plus there is just something fun about eating a veg that turns everything (tongue and lips included) deep red.
Hoping you are enjoying the goodness from your garden too this weekend.


ipsa said...

Chioggia beets are lovely eaten raw, sliced thinly in a salad (when young). They are not as strongly flavoured as red beets so they are wonderful this way.

affectioknit said...

They look so lovely and delicious! I didn't plant any squash in my little container garden this year - so I'm hoping people will be giving theirs away again this year...

The Knitty Gritty Homestead said...

Those beets are fun just for the visual affect! I agree, though...I like the bull's blood variety, esp. for the pink pee (this is actually a good motivator for my kids to eat them!) Haha!

denise said...

I love beets - I think they are my favorite veg. And wow - lots of squash!

Erin said...

Mmmm, they look good, interesting note about the flavour, I've noticed them a little bland too, but I do like a good strong beet flavour, greens and all. A taste I've acquired as we've grown our own. We've eaten some thinnings of ours but not the bigger ones yet.

Salad galore: eaten and replanted
spinach galore: eaten
asparagus: just a titch this year, still strengthening the roots

carrots: eaten some thinnings
peas: still ating, though there weren't many
And so many more things yet to come I can't list them all.
It's such an abundant time of year!!!

Anonymous said...

How many zucchinni plants do you have? I can't believe your zucchini's are already grown and harvested - our plants aren't doing so great...and we've had fabulous weather for them. Makes me so sad. Our lettuce is doing great and we have beets too. I'm still waiting on our tomatoes to rippen and for our beans to get a bit bigger. I'm really envious of those zucchini's though...

Heidi said...

Zucchini Soup (1 Batch)

500g(1lb) zucchini
1 onion
dab of butter
700ml(1.5pts) vegetable stock

1) Wash, top & tail zucchini. Cut into rounds (slices)
2) Dice onion & saute in butter
3) Add zucchini & stir for about 5 min
4) Add stock & simmer for about 30min
5) Season to taste
6) Liquidise

PS This soup freezes well; also tastes great when cold; if you like thikc soup, just add less water/stock

Amy Dingmann said...

What fun veggies! Enjoy your harvest. We are still waiting on our zucchini plants to explode with goodies. I just like to slice mine up and fry them or grill them. Sooooo good!

Heather said...

Rebecca, thank you so much for the chiogga tip! I picked some more last night to try raw and am looking forward to enjoying them that way. I'm so glad you let me know so that now I can enjoy the rest of them that way.

Affectioknit, I'm Sure people will give you zucchini - it's almost a tradition for every gardener to have too much, isn't it. If you were closer you could have some of mine.

Erin, it sounds as though your family has been feasting from the garden this year. Yes, the abundance amazes!! me each year - gardening is truly magical to me.

Heather said...

Debbiedas - I have about 8 zucchini plants. They are just growing like crazy at my garden in town. Went to check on it last night after a weekend away and there are loads more ready.
I'm also looking forward to ripe tomatoes - they are my favourite thing to eat straight from the garden. No comparison between store-bought tomatoes and real tomatoes!

Heidi - thank you SO much for the recipe. I'm going to make a big batch today to share with a friend and I'll freeze some too. I love having summer made soups tucked away for winter time.