Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Wild Gardens

Not that you would know it from any posts that I've been doing but there has actually been an incredible amount of gardening going on lately...just not so much at our house.  I've been working hard at a garden in town and enjoying it very much.  It is a huge garden...so huge that I get to use a tractor to get around. ;-)  (I can't tell you how much I like that tractor.)  I've been enjoying working in the greenhouse as well and am now coveting my own tractor and greenhouse for when we get our own farm.  All that to say that things have been very busy around here indeed and I have had very little time to share any of it here.  So, I thought I might play a little catch up starting with some photos from last week.

Last week when we had time to spare we went on a couple walks on this property.  We found some lovely wild things growing. 

Lady Slippers.
Elderberry in bloom (this year I am going to dry and save some of the blooms as well as the berries).
Columbine, wild strawberry, lupins, mushrooms, miners lettuce and lots more.  Little baby larch trees too, with the softest needles.
The boys even found some shaggy manes already, and I had thought they were only an Autumn mushroom around here.  Delicious!  SO much wild food growing up here but it still didn't stop me from spending this afternoon planting more vegetables and preparing more ground for planting.  You would think after spending 6 hours this morning gardening in town that I would have been tired of gardening but, for me, there is Just Something about time in the garden that energizes and restores.  I love it and I am so glad it is finally warm enough to plant things up here at our home.


Erin said...

Delightful! I just came in from being out in the garden and around the farm ALL DAY, and saw this! We're made of a similar fabric ;-)I'm loving getting out there.

I'm very jealous of your tractor;-) Every time our landowner comes around on his old Kubota, I'm watching wistfully as he mows the fence-lines around the farm and the shelter belt in big wide swaths. I could completely see the joy in this simple activity :-)

Sounds like fun has found you all,
and is keeping you very energized!!!



joven said...

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sheila said...

I think you have nice blog too. I like thinking of someone driving a tractor around. Max wants to do one for his 4-H project next year - somehow I don't see it happening on our RSY (really sloping yard).