Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Day at Home

We love us a day at home.  The whole day to work, putter, make things, eat and putter some more.  We've started off our last few days with my "find" of  blueberries at the bottom of the freezer (It wasn't a true find for me as I knew I had tucked them away there just for these pre-springtime mornings but it was a huge surprise to one little blueberry lover in our family).  We've enjoyed them with our oats, our granola and a few just plain.
I made myself another batch of nettle seed salt and was very pleased that I had thought ahead to put extra nettle seed away in my potions pantryThis is as delicious as it is healthful and so easy to make.
And I got a chance to try out the Navaho knitting method I've been wanting to check out since I posted about it here.  Fun to turn this thin cotton string into...
something thick enough to knit something useful with.
And E and I had a lot of fun making a special gift that E thought of, it turned out great and he is very excited to give it to his friend.  I love seeing my boys sew and  look forward to sharing his project tomorrow.  Wishing you a fun-filled day at home soon too.


Leigh said...

Gosh, all these great posts and I'm so way behind in my blog reading. What a great "find" those blueberries were!

affectioknit said...

Oh - fresh blueberries - I love the plied thread too!

Mary-Sue said...

can't tell you how much i love my dishcloths, Heather. they just brighten my kitchen so much! we all love them. thankyou so so much!! you are so incredibly thoughtful!!!