Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Garlic, cukes and zukes

Yesterday I harvested my first batch of garlic. It seemed only right that we use some in our dinner and so I took this (plus some store bought tomatoes)
and made this. We enjoyed it served hot with some Gort's Gouda oregano, tomato and garlic feta and the leftovers will be eaten cold as a pasta salad, probably while hanging out at the beach.

(I actually used more than the three garlic heads shown above but I didn't want to show that in the picture in case Amanda decided not to hang out with me due to my eau de garlic aroma) ;-)

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Amanda said...

Wow! That IS a lot of garlic.... You put all that and more in ONE meal? Holy smokes. I would be smelling my own garlic breath for months if I did that. You are so lucky to be able to eat it... and it will take a lot more than a little garlic odour to get rid of me ;-) I am not a vampire, you know.