Tuesday, February 12, 2008

To go with the Diva

You know how sometimes you put things off because you tell yourself it will take time, you don't have the right materials, etc., etc.? And then when you finally do it, it doesn't take long at all? Well I have been putting off making cloth menstrual pads for ages. Once I month I remember that I meant to get to it...and then I promptly forget about it again. Last week I decided that I really needed to replace my Keeper that I have had for about 11 years. I decided to try a Diva cup this time and really wanted to have some cloth pads as well. Yesterday I found some flannel and some terry cloth in my stash, and this afternoon I made these. They are actually very simple to make. And my kind of sewing too because...no one but me is going to see them, so no need to worry if my stitches are wonky or my sewing is sloppy. :-)An aside - when I went to our health food store to pick up the Diva cup they did not have them at that location. I knew they had them at the one in town and so I asked my husband to pick one up for me. He did. Here is my tip to anyone not yet married: if you want to know if your man is a keeper, see if he has any problem with buying feminine hygiene products. If so, you might want to rethink the relationship.


Anonymous said...

Isn't it amazing what the "keepers" will do for us?
Glad to hear more from you again.
You've been missed!
Rebecca :)

Nicola said...

Well done - do you know I only ever made one pad? Did you put anything in there to make it more "waterproof"? Or is it just cloth?

Heather said...

Hi Rebecca
Thank you - it is nice to be missed. :-) Nice to hear from you too.

I didn't put in the waterproof layer Nicola, although the pattern mentioned you could do so. It also called for several layers of cotton quilt batting but I just used terry cloth because that is what I had - that terry robe I never wore.

Anonymous said...

you've got a great hubby!