Monday, February 25, 2008

Bits and pieces

Still using up my fabric bits. I was sorting through a bag and found a small part of a sheet. It was in with a bag of scraps that my mom had given me. I normally make rag rugs out of old sheets, but thought I would try something a little different with this small piece.
I cut a strip from the edge of another sheet for the tie, and it was pretty quick and easy to turn these bits into an apron.
Now, what to do with the ruffled pillow case that was in the same bag. It has a strip cut off the back and a circle cut out of the front!?!


Anonymous said...

Lovely apron! And I love the rag rugs I have seen. How do you do it?? Maybe you could do a little workshop, for those of us in the 'don't know'? Could kids (7 yrs old) do it?

Samantha said...

Great idea Joanne! I would love to learn to make a rag rug too (however my crocheting skills are lacking but i've heard it easy)

Katherine said...

Very clever apron, Heather. Love ideas for repurposing!

Heather said...

Joanne, I could bring the rug that I am working on right now to the field trip on Wednesday or to knitting on Thursday. If you will be there, I can show you how to do them, it really is quite easy. I'm not much at crochet but I find them easy enough. It is just the prep work that takes time.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...I don't think I will make it to either this week...quilting class on Thursday night :(
I'll have to wait til the next time we see each other...maybe skating on Friday?

Mary-Sue said...

how clever. Those kinds of projects -- that repurpose old things, take so little time, and turn out so well are what keep my fires burning!