Saturday, February 23, 2008

21 Days

This is my wrist.This is my wrist on a mission.To reach 21 consecutive days with not a single complaint. It says in the book that the average time it takes is 4 to 8 months. I'm game. The habit of not complaining sounds to me like a very good habit to develop.

You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where you thoughts take you.
-James Allen


Anonymous said...

Wow -- this scares me -- what would I have to say if I couldn't complain??? Although it doesn't scare me quite as much as giving up sarcasm. It's been suggested by a close member of my family that I need to give the sarcasm a rest (he's currently recovering from his non-life threatening injuries -- LOL) . I have honest to goodness doubts that I would be able to do it -- and how boring would my life be without a good smart-alec comment every now & then????
I AM going to check out this book at the ORL though. I hope you are done with it...
Rebecca :)

Mary-Sue said...

I tried it. It was a great challenge. Really made me think about how I think. I gave up after about 2 months of not getting past 2 days!!! of complaint-free-ness! I hadn't read the book, though, and perhaps that would help! I'm going to check it out when the enormous stack of MUST-READ now's is down a bit... (can you read that I'm not all THAT keen to give it another go? eeek!)
You'll be a natural though. I don't think I've ever heard you complain.

Nicola said...

So did you make yourself a bracelet or is it a special one that you buy? I tried this no complaining/no gossiping/no criticizing challenge some time ago, and it worked well for a while, until I forgot about it! I'm willing to start again, though.

Heather said...

Rebecca, I learned something this Winter about doing things that scare you. I think that fear can hold us back from many wonderful opportunities.I've decided that, in my own life, I should really think about why I am holding back from things, and figure out what the worst that could happen is. I think that usually the worst thing isn't so bad, and that the potential benefits generally far outweigh the bad. I really encourage myself to try new things all the time. Glad that you will order the book, it is a quick read, and quite motivating.

Heather said...

Well Mary-Sue, I'd say that we could do it together, except that I think you've actually got justified reason for some complaints right now. ;-) How about you join me when things are looking up a bit. Soon, soon.

Nicola, you can order the purple bracelet that is shown on the cover of the book, but you know me and new stuff, I didn't want it. I have a hemp bracelet that Wyatt made me last year that I am using. If necessary I could also use the yellow bracelets that the boys got from that field trip. E is doing it too and he is using elastic bands. S wondered if we were going to have to snap ourselves with an elastic if we complained. :-) Yes, please join me, I think it is easier if you are surrounded by others with the same goal.

ipsa said...
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ipsa said...

I'm in!

I've been meaning to post about this in the Simplicity Circle.

I saw the video about this on CBC several weeks ago and I've been wanting to read the book (although our library is on strike... but I'm not going to complain!).

I'm going to weave my bracelet out of purple embroidery floss as I'm not into more plastic... but I want the purple!

I complain too much and it really brings down the good vibes. I want to move on.

Heather said...

Rebecca, there is a funny cartoon in the book. It shows people coming in to get their no-complaint bracelet, and someone says, "Purple!?!" with a scowl on their face. :-) I thought to myself that, if I were complaining (which of course, I'm not) then I would say, "Plastic!?!" with a look of distaste on my own face, instead I just knew right away that I would wear my own. :-) Let me know how it goes for you.