Sunday, May 6, 2012

Farm Stand, Fabric and Morels

We've been working everyday at the market garden trying to get things ready,  I've been busy in the field and greenhouse, and my family has been working hard on the farmstand.

It is such a treat to look up from my work and see my boys working with S at building a gorgeous stand.  It's going to look wonderful when it's done.  Yesterday they put the roof on and did most of the shingles, today they will do the siding.  Our signs were ready this week as well and it really feels as though everything is coming together - we've even got irrigation up and running in half our north field so we were able to plant half our main potatoes.

I've been planting, planting and planting some more and potting on loads of tomatoes.

I did take time out yesterday to go for a walk with a friend along the creek.  We were walking back along the path and saw a man with a bag in his hand and we both guessed that he was collecting mushrooms.  We talked with him for a bit- saw his bags of loot! - and then we also started looking for mushrooms.

It was interesting to both of us to see how many mushrooms we'd walked right by the first time when we'd been so busy talking and catching up that we weren't looking for anything else.  Once we knew there were mushrooms right alongside the path we started seeing them everywhere.

Over a month ago I started cutting out some fabric to make a pennant banner for the farm stand.  It seems the stand will be built before I get it sewn together...actually, at the rate I'm going, it may  well be built before I even finish cutting the triangles out. ;-)

Life is very busy but very, very good.


cargillwitch said...

so exciting! I have a stand at the square in our local village on Saturdays- but I have to pack it up each week and then re-assemble it the following! Your permanent stand looks like so much less hassle( once the initial construction is over)

Elizabeth said...

It all sounds wonderful. Best of luck with and get sewing!

erin said...

!!! oh heather with each update i feel chills of excitement for you! i think i must be a kindred soul, maybe i need to grow a market garden? ;-)

i am so happy you have been away and focusing so strongly on this passion, this incredible opportunity ... your new market gardem will be such a success i just know it.

i love the sign! i can imagine thep pride and joy coming from seeing your fellas making this for you. your toms look so healthy, ours are still wee things, but the weather warms this week and i will pull some long days to get things moving along. i miss your voice here, but i totally get it! stay busy!

~erin xoxo

Gary said...
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Katherine said...

So excited for you Heather! Glad things are coming together - it's looking great. Wishing you every success!

Jacqueline said...

Wow! So exciting to see it coming together for you. How fun that the whole family is involved! Wish I was there to sew up that banner for you! If you haven't got it done by end of July I'll finish it up;-)

daisy g said...

How fabulous! So thrilled for you that you have an abundance of harvest to share! Enjoy every moment!

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